Space Research and Satellite Technology

Space research activities range from basic and applied research through advanced development in all areas of interest to the Navy space program. Experiment results can be applied in radio communications, the use of the space environment, weather prediction, and the fundamental understanding of natural radiation and geophysical phenomena. Download the Space Research and Satellite Technology section research articles here Space_2012.pdf.

Research Articles

  • Fermi Finds More Than 100 Gamma-Ray Pulsars
    P.S. Ray, J.E. Grove, K.S. Wood, A.A. Abdo, T.J. Johnson, and D. Parent

  • Blossom Point Tracking Facility — A Unique NRL Asset
    G. Fuller and L.C. Brown

  • Orbit and Mission Design for the TacSat-4 Satellite
    W.J. Barnds and K. Akins

  • Autonomous Release of a Snagged Solar Array
    G. Creamer, G. Henshaw, R. Hartley, S. Roderick, J. Hope, and J. Obermark

Research Groups

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